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April 23, 2008

Hebrew speakers in the Vatican?

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When translating internet sites/forms into Hebrew, I’m always required to translate the list of countries in the world, and it always makes me wonder about those Hebrew speakers in Bahrain. Or Burkina Faso. Or the Vatican.


October 9, 2007

The cheapest family in America

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I just read about them in today’s newspaper.
Weird people are nothing new, the cool thing is their family name: Economides.

September 8, 2007


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My grandmother was born in Corfu. My grandfather in Turkey. They met in Alexandria, Egypt, and got married. They spoke French, Italian and Ladino. My grandmother also spoke Greek, and they knew a little Arabic, and later on Hebrew, too.

My grandfather would call my grandmother, Rachelle (Rake-leh), the Italian way, and her friends called her Rachelle (Ra-shel), in French. My grandmother called my grandfather Maurice or Maurizio. We called them nonno and nonna, Italian for grandpa and grandma.

At nonna’s house we would drink “Café au lait”, and hear her say “Basta” and “Toma”, or “Mon cher”. When she would get angry, she would say “Allah!”, and she also used “Ah! Dio santo!” When we would cross the road together, she would squeeze my hand in hers, and say “Shema Yisrael”.

Nonna always laughed, “Il moso tiene otro moso” (my servant has a servant of his own), and said about people she didn’t like, “faccia di pocos amigos”. At her house we ate dukka and pisti, bamia, fideus, aliches, lubia, and avikas, and she would make us jump over her pan of “Behor”, to keep the evil eye away. I owe my nonna my knowledge of French. Until the age of four she took care of me, and it is in her house that I learned all these languages. Even today, there are words I only recognize in their Egyptian accent. It was only a few years ago that I learned the funny expression “Doo Paroo” is actually French, d’où par où.

Two days before my ever optimistic nonna died in the hospital, she told me, “mostufa”, a new word I had never heard, and didn’t understand. I asked, and she explained that it’s from the Italian “stufa”, but in Corfioto. She had had enough. Nonno died exactly three years ago, at the age of 86, on the eve of the Jewish New Year. Nonna died this week, aged 87, three days after her birthday. May they rest in peace.

Sento la mano tua stanca
Cerca I miei riccioli d’or
Sento e la voce ti manca
La ninna nanna o’allor
Oggi la testa tua bianca
Io voglio stringere al cuor   
From Mamma Son Tanto Felice, here by Pavarotti, who also died this week.

My grandparents, Maurice and Rachelle Rozanes, on their wedding day:

August 24, 2007

Freelancing and Translation

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That’s what I’ll be writing about. I’m a freelance translator. I’ve been in the business for over 10 years. I think that’s marketing speak for, “11 years”. I love what I do. My mother tongue is Hebrew. My second language is English. I can get away with French. My Italian is even better. I can understand Spanish. I want to learn Arabic. And Japanese. I freelance full-time. I would never go back to an in-house position. I’m curious. I love to read. Anything. I love to travel. Anywhere. I have a blog in Hebrew. Now I have one in English, too!

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